Want to get experience public speaking? Want to meet people from similar fairs across Ontario? Want to spend 5 days at the LEX seeing everything? 2 nights at the Royal York? A weekend at the CNE? YES? Then you want to be the Fair Ambassador for the Lindsay Exhibition. The LEX’s 2016 Ambassador – Sadie Jane Hickson would be happy to answer any questions you have – she was first runner-up at the CNE and Miss Congeniality. The LEX’s 2015 Ambassador – Sophie Wotten – made the top 7 at the CNE. So the sky is the limit for Ambassadors representing the LEX.

The LEX offers both a Jr. and a Sr. Ambassador competition – the Sr. Ambassador goes on to the provincial events. The Jr. Ambassador gets all the same local perqs as the Sr. Ambassador and some great experience before competing for the Sr. Ambassador.

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