Meet The LAS Staff

Harry Stoddart

General Manager

His name might be at the top of the org chart but he knows who really runs the place (Hint: it’s not him). Harry joined the team at the LEX in 2016 after long careers farming and management consulting. Harry’s role is to provide leadership to the team of staff and volunteers and manage the day-to-day operations of the LEX.

Shelley Solomon

Finance Administrator

Shelly is responsible for anything related to our finances; whether the money is flowing in or flowing out, the paperwork crosses Shelley’s desk and magically ends up correctly filed.  If you’ve been paid by us, chances are, Shelley cut the cheque.  If you haven’t been paid, chances are it’s still “filed” on Harry’s desk.

Shanice Sproule

Project Manager

Shanice has newly accepted the Project Manager position after holding the Events Coordinator position for two years. This is a new position at the LAS and we are pleased to have Shanice on board to project manage the Community Bonds Campaign. The first of its kind in our community, the Campaign is an exciting investment opportunity. As the LAS team continues to grow and develop with the campground project getting underway, we are sure Shanice will have other exciting projects to manage in the future.


Event Coordinator

As the new Events Coordinator, Erin is responsible for coordinating all the competitive aspects of the LEX, as well as helping to organize the Merry & Bright Festival and the LEX Craft Marketplace & Gift Show. Erin primarily supports all of the LAS committees in their efforts to organize these events. She is instrumental in ensuring these events are well organized and that both exhibitors and visitors enjoy their experience at the LEX Grounds. During most of the year, you can find her in the LEX office but during the LEX, look for her at the Barn Office!

Don Hughes

Volunteer Co-ordinator

 Don is responsible for the organization and co-ordination of the multitude of volunteers that the support the various aspects of the LEX. We can’t do what we do without volunteers and Don’s role is to ensure that the time volunteers give to the Lindsay Ag Society is co-ordinated to maximize the benefit to the LAS and enjoyment of the volunteer.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

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