The 2017 Lindsay Exhibition was a hot and busy one.  There were many great memories made from the events as well as the competitions.  If you didn’t get to see all the competitions, here are the results:

Light Horse – Hackney Pleasure Ponies, Roadsters, Special Hackneys, Harness Ponies, Local Ponies and Horses, Roadster Ponies, Welsh Ponies, Gaited Horses, Registered Purebred Arabians, Registered Morgan Horses, and Showmanship and Equitation.

Heavy Horse – Belgian, Percheron, Clydesdale, Commercial Line and Hitches, Gelding, and Heavy Horse Hitches.

Hunter Jumper

Beef Limousin, Hereford, Charolais, Maine Anjou, Simmental, Blonde de Aquitane, Angus, and Les Stone Memorial

DairyMilking Shorthorns, and Holstein 

Sheep – Hampshire, Oxford, Leicester, Cheviot, Dorset, Suffolks, and other breeds

Goats – Alpine, Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf, Recorded Grade, other breeds and Showmanship

Market Livestock – Market Hog, Market Kid, Market Lamb, Market Steer

Poultry – Bantam Rose, Bantam White Rock, Bantam Barred Rock, Bantam Rocks, Bantam Cochins, Bantam Wyandotte, Bantam Cornish, Bantam Japs, Bantam Silkie, Bantam Seabright, Bantam Rhode Island Red, Bantam Millie Fleur, Bantam Spangled Hamburg, Bantam Chicken, Standard Barred Rock, Standard Rocks, Standard Wyandotte, Standard Cochins, Standard Orpintons, Standard Rhode Island red, Standard Sumatra, Standard Old English Game, Standard Leghorn, Standard Speckled Sussex, Standard Polish, Standard Cornish, Standard Dorking, Standard New Hampshire, Standard AV, Commercial Meat Bird, Commercial Egg Layer, Muscovy, Pekin, Roven, White Call, Grey Call, Call AC, Black End Indy, Indian Runner, Embden, Duck AV, Geese, Pigeon, Dove, and Rooster.

Agricultural Products – Hay, Field Crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Large Vegetables, Specials, and Butter and Eggs.


Homecraft – Canada 150th Specials, Youth, Home Baking, Canning and Preserving, Clothing, Hand Crafted Hobbies, Shop Craft Hobbies, Shop Craft Hobbies, Art, Photography, Special Needs, Manor, Community Service Project

A hearty thank you to all who entered exhibits into the Lindsay Exhibition this year. Congratulations to all our winners.  Hope to see all of you at the 2018 Lindsay Exhibition.


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