The Lindsay Ex is embarking on a three year program to update and re-imagine the exhibits related to agriculture. Under the banner of “The Story of Food,” 2017 will see the first of the new exhibits presented in the Ag Pavilion (formerly the Show Ring). The new exhibits this year include:

  • “Plant a Bean” – an opportunity for children to plant a bean seed and take it home to watch it grow
  • “Roots” – we’ve been growing corn, soybeans, oats, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, beets, and carrots in a special garden box we built with a plexi-glass side that will allow you to see what the plants look like under the ground.
  • A 1/64th scale model of the farm countryside featuring the beneficial management practices that farmers are using to protect the environment
  • A 1/64th scale model of a barn that was standing at the time of Confederation. It is an exact scale model of an actual barn that was owned by one of our volunteers here at the LEX
  • A set of 4 3’X8′ magnetic puzzles for people to discover where different cuts of meat are located on a beef or hog carcass, match everyday items to the agricultural source of some of their ingredients (did you know explosives have ingredients that grow on a farm?), and match the fruits and vegetables to how they are grown.
  • An interactive touchscreen computer game to test your knowledge of agriculture while growing a crop of strawberries.
  • Food samples – we have partnered with 4 local restaurants to have samples of locally grown beef, pork and lamb available during the LEX,
  • Scale models of farm animals with their inside structure visible – bones, organs, muscles
  • A 50 year comparison of agriculture in the City of Kawartha Lakes now to Canada’s Centennial Year.
  • Sheep shearing demonstrations
  • Horse saddling demonstrations
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