May 9th & 10th, 2015


2 day clinic Fee $150 - $175 with standing stall

Food available onsite

Day 1 - Extreme Clinic - Mounted warm up and check in with horse.

Extreme Cowboy Racing Overview - The Mission Rules - an hour of presentation and riding looking at the rules that are most significant.  Scoring - Understanding what a judge considers, approach, execution and exit, speed, horsemanship, showmanship.  Obstacles - traditional, indoor, outdoor ring and open field style.

How to ride/school an obstacle

How to prepare for the unknown.  Finding the Flow.  Racing is about time, but time is saved through execution as much as speed.  Smart rides win.  How to get around the challenge.

Day 2 - Rider walk through.  

This is the time to revisit obstacles and processes from the ground.  Every race starts with a walk through.  Q & A Mounted warm up, check in with our horses and review from Day 1 - Earn the wine - knowing the mind game, learning the priority, setting your focus and executing are the steps to a win.  Allowing the sport, rush and atmosphere to creep in snatches victories away.  "You have to ride slow in your mind to go fast on your horse".  Understanding the interplay between you, the horse and the event.  After lunch day 2 Jack Pot Xtreme Clinic Race - $20 entry 8 obsticles, 15 second time limit per obstacle to attempt to execute.  Jack Pot pays to 3rd, 50%, 30%, 20%

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