Barnyard Babies

Come on down to the Sheep and Goat barn on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4 to experience farm animals up close and personal. Bring your little ones, they will get a supervised interaction with several species of farm animals that are kid-sized. This isn't your typical "Petting Zoo" where the goats mug you and every animals you meet expects you to have forked out for feed. Your children will get to touch baby chicks and ducklings, baby-doll sheep and miniature goats along with many different breeds of chickens.

As well, under the same roof, we will have the bunny petting and the pony rides (pony rides will be outside on Thursday and Friday), also at no cost. So, rain or shine, you can bring your young'uns or your young'uns' young'uns (grand young'uns?) to the LEX and know that Memories are Made Here.